Tuesday, October 9, 2012


 Here I am at 34 weeks pregnant... and HUGE
Here I am right before they hooked me up to all sorts of things.  The Dr decided to induce me because I was dilated to 5 cm at 35 weeks 2 days.
 September 21, 2012 at 11:05 am and 11:16 our 2 little babies entered this world. Hardison Lloyd was first weighing 5 lbs 2 oz. 17 in. and Mckinley Linette was second weighing 5 lbs 1 oz. 17 in. long. Both breathing on their own and very healthy.
Here is a picture of our awesome Dr., Dr. Doug Burgett.

 Here is Mike in his sexy get up! ha ha.
 Our first picture together with the twins. Just moments after they were born.
 They took the twins to the NICU right after they were born. Both were doing really well but Mckinley needed an IV because her blood sugar level was really low. The next day Hardison needed one. They were both off of IV's within the next day and they placed feeding tubes and put them under the lights for Bili Reubon.. Sp? 

 They only let us hold them twice a day when they were under the lights. But at least they were only under the lights for 2 1/2 days.
 One night we had a great nurse in the NICU who let us take the babies down to the windows so that Seppi could see them for the first time! He thought they were adorable (his words) and so tiny. I had envisioned how the moment would be that Seppi met his little brother and sister and it was nothing like this... But he handled them and us being in the hospital way better than I would've ever thought. He's such a great kid.
 FINALLY after 11 days in the NICU, a lot of emotions and traveling back and forth we were able to bring our sweet babies home!
 Corie with Hardison
 Corie with Mckinley
 Mike with both!
 Leaving the hospital with the WHOLE FAMILY!
 This was such a happy moment, Seppi couldn't wait to be a big brother. He tells everyone that he is "the big brother".
 Seppi feeding his baby, whom he has decided to call LOGAN.
 They LOVE looking at each other, we try and let them be by each other like this as much as possible.
 Most of our mornings start like this. Mom and dad feeding a baby and Seppi feeding his baby. We have been all snuggling in our bed all together a lot lately.
 Mike LOVES holding both babies at the same time, it is very sweet.
 in this picture Mckinley is playing with Seppi's hair. ha ha. ALL 3 of my kids are the CUTEST ever!
 Tummy time.
We have been truly blessed. Thank you everyone for your sweet messages, thoughtful service and prayers on our behalf. We are very grateful.


Emily Marie said...

They are so supremely cute! Great job and congratulations!! Love you all!

Jessie said...

Oh Corie, they are so sweet and adorable. I'm so glad things went well for you and that you were able to have a normal delivery with both! Let me know if you need ANYTHING!!

Carters said...

So precious and I'm glad you were able to take them home so quickly! It looks like Seppi's a natural. :) Love it. Let us know if you need something as well; we'd still love to play with Seppi to help you get a nap or whatever you need!

Jen said...

They are adorable. All 3 of them! I'm so glad you are healthy and happy!

Hahn's said...

CONGRATS Corie!! How exciting and how cute are all 3 of your babies!!

Rachel & Jacob Brooks said...

I can't believe that they are finally here. You look great in your pictures! I guess we are now in the same club of NICU babies!

Rachel & Jacob Brooks said...
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Angela said...

yeah for babies! I'm glad things went well, they are so cute. I miss you and good luck?

Kristi and Kory Jones said...

i'm feeling a void in my life because i still havent met them! haha! they are so cute and precious ans sweet and loveable and kissable and....etc. congratulations. love you all!

Perry's said...

Congrats they are adorable!

Kyle and Amanda said...

You are the cutest! I can't believe how big Seppi is. Your twins are adorable and you are the skinniest little thing ever.
Love you!